Korn guitarist Brian Welch recently recalled the surgery he had for his kidney stone in 2014 while he was touring with Korn in Russia and revealed more insight about the incident after six years during a recent interview about his solo project ‘Love and Death.’

As you may remember, Brian Welch had to be hospitalized due to a kidney stone while Korn had a gig with Soulfly in Russia in 2014 and Welch released a video from the hospital back then while he apologizes for being unable to perform with Korn in Russia.

During a recent interview, Brian Welch opened up about the kidney-stone surgery he had in Russia and revealed that those were crazy times since neither the doctor nor nurses could speak English properly and he had to use a translator in order to express his pain.

Furthermore, Welch revealed that while he was at the hospital, none of his Korn bandmates were there. Apparently, he was alone the whole time he spent in a Russian hospital.

Here is how Welch recalled his difficult experience in a Russian hospital:

“I would love to come to Russia. I remember in Russia in 2014 I got my kidney stone. It was crazy. I had kidney-stone surgery in Russia.

And it was crazy because the doctor spoke a little English but the nurses – nothing at all, and I had to Google Translate with the doctor and tell him I feel like I’m dying – help me.

And Korn left me there all alone in the hospital.”

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