During the recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch has shared the story of how he left Korn in 2005.

Interviewer asked ‘the reactions of Korn members to him quitting Korn in 2005’, and Welch said:

“The good thing about the documentary is that it’s real and raw. Jonathan [Davis] goes back emotionally into his irritated feelings when I was like overly religious and saying these weird things to him.

They were like, “Oh my god, what’s happened to him? What, you’ve been on drugs this whole time?” You know, we all partied, but meth is a different level of partying. So they were concerned, but in the meantime I was saying all this weird religious stuff to them, because I was a little bit nuts then, and I can laugh at myself now.

I sent them an email saying, “I’m quitting. I love you guys, I’m sorry, but I gotta do this.” And then I started going to the press, and telling my story, and that’s when the band got mad, because they’re trying to do a huge record deal.

And so the record companies are like, “What’s going on with your band? Looks like they’re falling apart. What do you mean you want to do a huge record deal?” So, I was hurting things. I irritated them for another couple of years, and then I kind of went into seclusion and started to get to know the real me, and everything leveled out.

In the movie, the Korn members are all in it, and we tell all the old Korn stories — the story of Korn from how it formed and everything. And so there’s a lot of different sub-stories in there. It’s got the Korn story, it’s got my story, and it’s got some of the [other band members’] problems, too, back then.”

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