Speaking in a recent interview with Kevan Kenney of Build Series, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has revealed the hardest part of being a parent.

He said:

“Relationship with the marriage. It’s hard, because you have different ways that you are brought up. And so you take that. We’ve got hard drives in our souls and our brains, and our parents — god help ’em; god help us — they do their best, but we’re fragmented hard drives.

So I think that, trying to work it out with her, how to be the best parents we could, but at the same time, we kept falling back into addiction, so that was really hard. She was easy, but when you throw my career into it, being gone. Like, we didn’t have FaceTime. I couldn’t look at my daughter [and say], ‘I love you’ every day. I couldn’t even talk to her. She was a baby; she didn’t know what a phone was.

And so it was just extremely difficult to come off of tour. I remember [the] ‘Family Values’ [tour]… ‘Follow The Leader’ album came out with Korn, and it just blew up. [We were on] MTV every day; we were just bona-fide rock stars — mega rock stars.

And so we were gone, and I would come back home, and I would try to hug her and she just ran to mom. She’s, like, ‘Who are you?’ And so that broke my heart.

A lot of that was very hard. But the diapers and all that stuff, taking her to the parks and dance class, that was great. She was a perfect little angel kid. She was just the sweetest thing ever.”

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