Korn frontman Jonathan Davis’ wife, Deven Davis has passed away at the age of 39. During the recent interview with WRIF, Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch explained that how Korn affected from Jonathan’s tragic loss.

First of all, he talked about the writing sessions of new album and said:

We have been taking our time — taking a break. A month with the family, a couple of weeks in the studio writing. So where we’re at is we’re done with the drums of the songs that we’ve written, and I think we’re gonna write more. And the guitars aren’t done yet. The bass is far from being done.

Vocals have been messed with a little bit. And so we’re taking our time, man. And we’re gonna hit it hard the beginning of the year and hopefully get this thing knocked out.”

On Jonathan Davis’ situation, he said:

“We’ve taken the biggest break that we have in years, and it was meant to be. Someone’s watching over us, because Jonathan [Davis, Kornsinger] and his tragedy that he’s gone through, he needed time off and he needed to focus on things more.

So, yeah, it’s been good, but we can’t wait to get back, man. We’ve got things cooking, so we’re hoping to make some announcements early next year.”

Korn’s latest album “The Serenity Of Suffering” was released in 2016.

You can listen to the interview below.