Iconic Korn guitarist Brian Welch’s daughter, Jennea Welch, has uploaded a new video of herself on Instagram Stories, stunned fans by her attractive dance moves.

If you watch the video, Jennea was taking the camera in close-up and showing her pure beauty after giving a shape of her curly hair. Then she started to perform her dance moves.

You can watch the Instagram video via Youtube below.

A few days ago, Brian Welch has shared an unusual video of himself with his beloved daughter, Jennea Welch, via his official Instagram account.

As we all know, Brian joined the worldwide community of TikTok. Brian has posted his first TikTok video on Instagram and also, his daughter was accompanying him in this video.

The duo was doing one of the interesting TikTok dances and looking very bizarre. He stated that this video may be the last TikTok video of him.

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