Korn star Brian Welch’s lovely daughter and also famous social media phenomenon, Jennea Welch, posted a recent video on his official YouTube account and made an official announcement about the Mental Health Awareness Month.

While Jennea exposes the toughness of losing parents, she also stated that she will post a new video every single Friday of the month and asked followers to subscribe to her channel.

Here is the description of Jennea’s latest video:

“Mental health and emotional wellness is my deep passion, so I wanted to dedicate this month to a topic that needs to be addressed. This month I am diving into how the loss of a parent can affect a kid’s mental health.

Growing up in a single-parent home, as did many of my friends, we all battled either depression, anxiety, and/or attachment issues. It wasn’t until I got older when I learned that my issues were caused by a root: loss of a parent.”

She continued:

“Over the next few weeks, I want to discuss what “loss of a parent” means, observations, statistics, and personal experience on growing up without a parent, and practical steps for people who relate to the series and want to heal from their childhood trauma.

Me and my team/bosses (lol) have worked hard on this topic and spreading awareness. It’s something we know should be addressed and could save kid’s lives.”

You can watch her latest video right below.