Korn’s iconic frontman, Jonathan Davis was the recent interview guest of the WAAF Radio Station’s Mistress Carrie.

Davis revealed his ideas of the people who say that the documentary movie (Loud Krazy Love) about his bandmate, Brian “Head” Welch, was targeting Christian recruiters as an assimilation tactic.

Here is his statement:

“I don’t buy into that bullshit, and they all fucking know it. Don’t even try to do that to me, ’cause I’ll shut your ass down in two seconds. If you look at it, it’s pretty fucking funny how they believe and how they act.

It’s ridiculous. I think [Head] agrees with a lot of what I was saying. It wasn’t to be mean; it’s just real and it’s true.

I respect anyone’s beliefs, but when it’s radical, like some of those people, I don’t like that. And the whole way everything happened, I was just being real, and everybody liked that.

I have no problem with Head’s faith; it’s just the religion in general.”

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