Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch has posted a new photo on his official Instagram page to show what accidentally he got from his neighbor. And also shared a bizarre conversation that he had with his neighbor, Bill.

As you can see below, Brian said that he accidentally received a pill named ‘Rexawar’ which is described as ‘sex enhancement pill’ on Google. Check out what Brian wrote about the photo:

“Me to my neighbor Bill:

“Hey Bill, these were delivered to me by mistake, I guess they make you feel good and make your muscles bigger hunh? Does this stuff really work?”

Bill: 😕

True story”

A fan named Steve commented:

“Yo, why you gotta put your man on blast in front of literally thousands like that 😂”

Brian responded:

“Name was changed to protect the innocent”

A Slipknot fan responded to Brian’s photo:

“Dude this had me rolling, you’re a great guitar player and one of my inspirations”

You can see the photo below.