During a recent interview with Whiplash from KLOS Radio, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch talked about the mental health of his bandmate Jonathan Davis.

He said:

“I believe that someone’s watching over us. So, Jonathan going through everything he did and us being with him, it was meant to be. You can totally see — it’s clear that it was meant to be that we take a lot of time off.

Because even though he went on a solo tour, the Korn machine needed to stop so he can focus on him, his family, his boys, and his solo thing. I think that’s healing to him too, because he’s been wanting to do this for a long time. And so it’s just something different and new, and it took his mind off things.

I think we’re stronger now because of the break. When we get together, we’re excited to see each other and excited to really dig in and see what kind of riffs we can come up with, me and Munky.”

He also said:

“You can get burnt out on the road. And the music industry, with the touring and the non-stop this, non-stop that… So we’re at a place where we can really look at ourselves and talk and be, like, ‘Listen, we only have a certain number of years on the planet.

So let’s spend some time with our families.’ Some of these guys have got young kids — Munky’s [guitar] got really young kids. Ray [Luzier, drums] does, Fieldy [bass] does. So you’ve gotta balance the whole band thing. And so, yeah, we took great time off.”

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