Korn shared a sneak peek from their new song on their official website and posted its video on Instagram to invite their fans to check it out. It seems that it’s just the beginning of the band’s announcements for their upcoming record.

After releasing their thirteenth studio album ‘The Nothing’ on September 13, 2019, Korn began working on their new album. Then the band left a cryptic message on Spotify to unveil its name, ‘Requiem,’ and it was promoted by dropping a track from the album, ‘Start the Healing.’

Korn released ‘Start the Healing’ on November 11, 2021, along with the upcoming album’s release date, which is February 4, 2022. Recently the band surprised their fans with a new teaser from their new song and wanted them to check their website. On the website, ‘Pulling Away This Veil I See’ was written and when you click it, you can download a file involving the teaser.

The file entitled ‘Now’ consists of Korn drummer Ray Luzier’s parts and as it can be understood from six symbols on Instagram video, the band will keep sharing their new song piece by piece. Probably, Korn will release the second track from ‘Requiem’ in their own unique way very soon.

Korn’s new song’s lyrics read:

Pulling Away This Veil I See…

You can listen to ‘Start The Healing’ below.

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