Korn recently shared a TikTok video where they sang Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way.’ Brian ‘Head’ Welch also shared Korn’s imitating Backstreet Boys’ album cover on his official Instagram.

Pop-rock band Backstreet Boys gained global success with the same-titled album in 1996. The band members became superstars with their 1999 album entitled ‘Millenium.’ It sold 24 million copies globally and became one of the best-selling albums.

‘Millenium’ included several successful songs, and ‘I Want It That Way‘ is one of them. It gained commercial success by reaching number one in various countries and became a signature track. Numerous musicians covered the song.

Recently, Korn released a TikTok video on their official account that they covered ‘I Want It That Way,’ leaving a witty post under it. Brian ‘Head’ Welch also shared a picture of the band imitating ‘Backstreet Boys’ cover photo of ‘Millenium’ and said ‘Kornstreet Boys‘ by mixing the band and Korn’s names humorously.

Korn’s official TikTok account wrote:

“I never wanna hear you say… ‘Worst Is On Its Way'”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Brian Welch – Instagram