On Instagram, the founding member and the guitarist of Korn, Brian Welch shared a small part of the video clip of the new Grey Daze song called ‘B12‘ honoring their late vocalist Chester Bennington.

The talented musician Chester Bennington, better known as being the frontman of the bands Linkin Park and Grey Daze, has sadly passed away on July 20, 2017. He was found dead by his housekeeper at his home in California. The cause of death later revealed as suicide by hanging.

Before his tragic death, Chester’s band prior to Linkin Park, Grey Daze, decided to reform. However, their work was never completed due to the devastating loss of their lead vocalist.

Recently, Grey Daze released a video for their new song ‘B12’ honoring the late singer. Additionally, the video featured Korn guitarists Brian ‘Head’ Welch and James ‘Munky’ Shaffer.

On Instagram, Korn’s iconic guitarist Brian Welch posted a small part of the music video and stated how glad he was to be a part of this project to honor Chester Bennington.

Here’s what Brian wrote on the caption of his Instagram post:

Me and Munky had such a blast honoring Chester Bennington on this track B12 with his first band Grey Daze🔥

Being a small part of the Grey Daze project was our thank you to Chester for all the years of friendship and music he shared with us and countless others. Thank you Grey Daze for the invite. You’re an entire band and all the producers were so fun, talented and amazing to work with 💙

You can see the video Brian Welch posted on his official Instagram account below.