The official Twitter account of Korn posted a video of their iconic guitarist Brian Welch inviting Korn fans to join a live chat on Instagram where he would be announcing what they have been working on for a while.

Last year on September 13th, Korn released their thirteenth studio album named ‘The Nothing.’ The album debuted at number eight on the US Billboard 200. Since then, Korn fans have been desperately waiting for some new music from the band.

Recently, the Head of Korn, Brian Welch made an announcement on Twitter about an upcoming live event of the band. Apparently, Korn will have a live chat with the fans on their Instagram account and share some information about what they have been working on for a while now. Brian Welch’s announcement made the fans think about the possibility of a new album on the way.

Furthermore, Head stated in his video that everyone who joined the live chat would get the chance to win something. He also warned the fans about washing their hands and wearing masks to stay safe in these coronavirus pandemic days. Korn’s upcoming live event will be available on their Instagram account on July 29th at 3 pm Pacific.

Here’s what Brian Welch stated on the recent video Korn shared:

“What’s up Korn family? Your boy Head here. I hope you guys are staying safe, washing your heads, and wearing your masks. You know what? We have been working on a little something for you guys.

Tomorrow at 3 pm Pacific, we are gonna let you know what it is. So, set your reminders, we are going live on Instagram tomorrow at 3 pm and everybody in the live chat has a chance to win something. So, spread the word. See you tomorrow at 3 pm.”

You can watch the video the official Twitter account of Korn posted below.