Korn’s co-founder and guitarist Brian Welch recently criticized the hypocrisy of some Christian people and stated that they do not represent Christianity and what Christ wants from humanity.

Brian Welch left Korn in 2005 to get away from his damaging addictions and find himself spiritually with the help of Christ before returning to the band in 2013. Welch devoted himself to Christianity, but he questioned some things that were taught to him throughout the way.

He separated Christianity and Christ from each other as he believes that Christianity is a corrupt religion. According to his belief, religion is spiritual, and a person has to find Christ themselves without another person like a priest getting involved.

As he gained experience and revelation throughout the years, he decided to share his views and thoughts on Instagram with the hope of helping other people find themselves spiritually.

Here is what he stated about Christians and Christ in his latest Instagram video:

“There is so much hypocrisy, there are so many judgemental attitudes with Christians, and I just want you to know that I understand those of you who are hesitant. I’ve been on both sides, and I completely understand. That’s why I just wanna share all the wisdom I’ve drunk in my soul, my spirit.

So much wisdom over the years and, I just wanna share the personal experiences that I learned, gained, and experienced with this. That’s why I do this, just know that, whatever you see that is ugly about Christianity, that’s not Christ. That’s not who Christ is, and that’s not what he wants to form in me, and in you.”

Welch might seem like a preacher, but that is one of the main things he is trying not to become. He hopes to help anyone he can by showing the true colors of institutionalized religion and figuring out how to become a good person without conforming to institutions.