Korn‘s legendary guitarist Brian Welch posted a picture of the band’s guitarist Munky on Instagram to celebrate his 50th birthday with an interesting note: ‘You age like Johnny Depp!

Recently on Instagram, the founding member and the lead guitarist of Korn, Brian ‘Head’ Welch posted a picture of his dear friend and fellow band member James ‘Munky’ Shaffer and celebrate his birthday with a funny caption.

‘Who called me old man?!’
HAPPY 50th Munky you age like Johnny Depp! 😂🎂🎉

Munky also responded to Brian’s gesture with a comment on his post:

😂 Love you bro”

Brian’s post received more than 20K likes and many comments from fans and friends.

We compiled some of the comments below.

A fan named Ben Couch wrote:

No way 50!? Many happy returns dude! Nicest celebrity I have ever met!

Another Korn fan named Renee Mirsky commented:

“Gotta find out his secret. Aging backwards yet”

A fan nicknamed Rosefaith added:

“They do look quite similar, haha! Happy birthday Munky🤘✨”

You can see Brian Welch’s recent post on Instagram below.