Korn and Love and Death guitarist, Brian Welch, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and expressed his happiness for having the chance to celebrate 16 years of enlightenment and happiness.

As you may recall, the Christian metal band Love and Death, which was founded by Brian ‘The Head’ Welch, will be releasing their new album ‘Perfectly Reserved‘ in February. While fans have been excitedly following Brian’s social media accounts to learn more about the upcoming album, The Head used his social media platform to open up about his religious revelation.

Brian Welch co-founded Korn in 1993 but after 12 years of success, Welch had decided to leave the band in 2005 and had declared that he had ‘chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior, and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end.’ After that, Welch opened up about his enlightenment experience and during an interview with The Full Armor of God Broadcast, Welch revealed how his approach towards life changed in one day.

The Head said that one day he was just walking down a street, thinking about all the money he’s making, his growing success, his addiction to drugs, and similar things. The next day he said that ‘I had Revelation of Christ and I was like, everything changes right now!’ As it turns out, the experience mentioned above is what Brian Welch celebrated on his Instagram account with his recent post.

Here’s what Brian Welch said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“16 years ago today… There is so much I don’t agree with regarding mainstream evangelical/political Christianity etc, but that doesn’t change anything about the fact that when I asked Christ for help and had an authentic interaction with him

The spiritual power, love, kindness, and beauty that I experienced inside of my soul still remains the most real and meaningful experience I’ve ever had in my life. #forevergrateful”

You can check out the photo that Brian Welch posted on his Instagram account below.