Korn’s iconic guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch posted the photo of his ex-wife Rebekah‘s recently deceased mother on Instagram and thanked her all the support and love she gave to his daughter Jennea Welch.

As you might know, Brian Welch hadn’t had a strong family relationship with his ex-wife Rebekah and their daughter Jennea for years. Back in 1995, the couple gave their first daughter up for adoption. Later in 1998, the couple had another daughter, Jennea Welch, and this time they decided to raise her by themselves.

However, as a result of his continuous drug addiction, Brian and Rebekah got divorced. Although he had the custody of his daughter, the relationship between Jennea and Brian had been complicated as they explained in a previous interview.

A few days ago, Jennea Welch shared the sad news of her grandmother Ruth’s death after fighting with cancer for a long time. Jennea mentioned her grandmother was such an important figure in her life since both of her parents were struggling with substance abuse.

Recently, Brian Head Welch took his Instagram account to mourn after the death of his ex-wife’s mother Ruth. Regardless of how things ended with Rebekah, Brian presented an act of kindness by paying tribute to one of the most significant persons in his daughter’s life.

On the caption of his post, Welch mentioned how grateful he was for all the love and support Ruth gave Jennea while she was growing up. He also asked the fans to share their thoughts and prayers with his daughter and his ex-wife Rebekah.

Here’s how Brian Welch bid farewell to the mother of his ex-wife:

“RIP to my ex-wife’s mom, my daughter’s grandma Ruth. Thankful for Ruth for the loving and positive memories she gave Jennea growing up.

I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my ex-wife Rebekah and family.🙏💙

You can see the photo Brian Welch posted on his official Instagram account below.