Korn legend Brian ‘Head’ Welch posted a bunch of new screenshots on his official and verified Instagram page to display the fake accounts who try to rob his fans by selling fake VIP privileges.

Brian also made a harsh statement in the caption of the post and warned fans not to trust any accounts but him. This latest post of Brian took almost 10K likes in a very short time.

Here is what he wrote:

“Fake accounts are always popping up, trying to steal money from my fans on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

They mimic my accounts with the same photos and reach out to fans to trick them into giving money. This is how they do it. They are losers who don’t have a life, pass it on!7h”

An Instagram user named melissacbr600 made the most-liked comment by asking:

“This doesn’t sound like you at all! How could ppl fall for this?”

Another Brian fan named makeup_n_metal commented:

“I’ve gotten follow request from 2 different fake yous this week. Also another artist I follow.”

You can check out the conversations of Brian’s fake accounts right below.