Korn guitarist Brian Welch shared a video on his official Instagram page teasing a mysterious upcoming project which will be released on December 4 and apparently, it’s a possible new song from their upcoming album of Welch’s band named ‘Love and Death.’

‘Love and Death’ was formed by Korn guitarist Brian Welch which was officially announced in February 2012 as a re-branding of Welch’s solo music project.

The band’s debut and the only album named ‘Between Here & Lost’ was released on January 22, 2013, which consisted of 11 tracks. The album generally received positive reviews from critics and Welch was happy with the results.

As you may know, seven years later, Brian Welch announced a brand new album of Love and Death titled ‘Perfectly Preserved’ which consists of 10 tracks. The song named ‘Down’ already released nearly two weeks ago as the album’s lead single.

Since the album will most likely be out on January 21, 2021, Brian Welch’s latest cryptic video on his official Instagram page made fans think of a possible release of a brand new track from the album. However, Welch did not make a further explanation on his post except for a date for the secret release.

Here is what Welch said:

Coming Thursday.”

You can see the Instagram post and ‘Down’ below.