Korn co-founder and current ‘Love And Death’ star Brian ‘Head’ Welch was the latest interview guest of ‘Bringin’ it Backwards Podcast’ over Zoom video and recalled the times he decided to leave the band, the song he wrote on meth as well as Korn’s interesting conversation with Jamaican-American rapper, Busta Rhymes.

In the interview, Brian has recalled the times Korn has released their fourth studio album ‘Issues’ and how the first single named ‘Falling Away from Me’ exploded on MTV. As you might already remember, the video had many controversial elements like domestic violence and abuse. Brian remembered the show that Busta Rhymes came and what he told him about the video.

Here is what Brian said:

“I remember Busta Rhymes, the rapper who came to our show, he was like, ‘Man, only you white rock bands can get away with controversial stuff like that on MTV.’

But he was laughing. He was like, ‘If I put out a video of a dude beating his daughter, I’d get banned immediately.’

It was a disturbing video, it was real, and that was the thing – Jonathan sings about real stuff, so yeah, that song really carried us to a higher level, and then ‘Somebody, Someone’ was really good, a lot of airplay and whatnot.”

In the same interview, Brian recalled the days he decided to leave the band. ‘Bringin’ it Backwards’ has asked if 2002’s ‘Untouchables’ was his latest ever work with the band. However, Korn admitted that ‘Take A Look In The Mirror’ was his latest ever song and he did the whole record while he was on meth.

Here is what he said:

“We did one more record, ‘Take a Look in the Mirror,’ and that’s when I left. I was on meth on ‘Take a Look in the Mirror,‘ so I did the whole record.

“I remember for some reason Munky didn’t want to do the cover song of ‘Another Brick in the Wall,’ and as a meth-head, I had to learn the solo for it, so on the recording, it’s not as smooth as it could’ve been because I was tweaking, so yeah.

“That record is arguably our worst record ever in our whole career as far sound-wise. The drum tones – horrible. There’s a couple of cool moments like that song ‘Did My Time’ that came out, and we’re on the soundtrack of Angelina Jolie’s film, so there were some high moments still.”

You can check out the interview below.

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