Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch spoke in the video for the non-profit I Am Second organization and explained how god guided him back into Korn. He said:

“I know the music’s crazy, but mainly the lyrics are about pain. And they’re coming from a real and raw place. People need hope. There’s addictions like crazy in that world. There’s depression. It’s been a lot of suicide stories happening. What better place [for me] to be, having the meaning of life that I carry? You know, I know the answer for the meaning of life.

It’s not the most popular thing to do at a rock concert is talk about Christ. I’m doing it because it’s the most realest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

On how he felt when rejoin to the band, he said:

“It’s like when a baby’s born, it needs to be in a sterile environment where everything’s pure around the baby, right? — for a period of time until it can go start touching thing.

And so that’s kind of the same thing spiritually, where you’ve got to go away in a pure environment and get to know … this new life and get strengthened and prepared. And that’s what happened.

On how God guided him, he said:

I followed God right back into Korn, and He’s there and I’m not separated from them or the fans any longer. He says in the Bible He’s going to restore all things.

God is so good that He’s restored me in that way. … He gives you glimpses of that by restoring your life. He restored me in a way that’s unique to me.”

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