The iconic Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch shared a new photo on his verified Instagram page today and tried to take fans’ attention to breast cancer awareness.

Brian Welch stated that every single personality can make great things about the community and the people who have need to even stay self-quarantine. He also shared his longing to the stages and the fans.

Here is what’s written in the caption of the photo:

“So many organizations that we get to be a part of while we are out on the road! Hoping to get back out there soon 💗💓💖
@korn_official #breastcancer”

Heavy electronic music star Cirex commented on the post:

“You are an inspiration, my brother. God bless You!”

A user named ginabusby commented sharing a personal story:

“I’m a stage three Brest cancer survivor and was diagnosed in 2004. Every day is a miracle from God!!”

Another user named xxtigersackxx responded:

“I hope you have MANY more years to enjoy the things that make you happy.”

You can check out the recent photo of Brian right below.