Korn co-founder and guitarist, Brian Welch, has shared a new post on his official Instagram page and exposed a heartwrenching comment of a fan who was struggled with drug addiction.

A fan named Chelsea stopped in the comment section on Facebook and told a story about her drug addiction. Thankfully, she’s one hundred percent clean now and thanked Brian Welch for being part of her story.

Brian noticed the fan’s comment and reacted to her story by sharing her post on his official Instagram page.  In the caption, the guitarist described his recovery after his horrible drug experience as a miracle of God.

Here’s what the fan wrote:

“In May of 2018, I was high on meth, up for 14 days. I was listening to ‘Got the Life’ in my car and jumped out of my open car door driving down a freeway. It was my rock bottom. I lived through it, and now have 6 months clean and sober.

I just went to your Concert in MN, sober. My first sober concert. You guys played Got the Life and I cried tears of love, joy, grace, and was filled with the feeling of Jesus’s love and understanding. Thank you for being apart of my story. Love to you Brian!!”

Brian Welch captioned:

“Jesus is doing very well right now, He lived through the most horrible human experience, but He’s passed all that and guiding and helping humanity evolve to where we need to go. How do we know He’s alive? It’s a personal, internal experience for each person, so I can’t prove it to you, you’d have to go to Him directly to see for yourself. But there are stories like these that show you the miraculous life changes He still does with people today. Happy Easter 🙏💙”

A user named playapoke penned:

“Thanks for sharing Brian. Happy Easter!”

Another fan named nils.hal.diaz.henry said:

“It would be interesting to know how many lives your music saved… hugs.”

See the Instagram post below.