Korn guitarist Brian Welch shared a video on his official YouTube account in reply to the news about what he said on Robb Flynn’s No Fucking Regrets podcast. Welch stated that his words on that podcast were twisted.

Brian Welch has been an outspoken supporter of Christianity since 2005. He had even left Korn after announcing that he chose Jesus as his savior. He said that his faith saved his life and enormously helped his longtime struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Then in 2013, he returned to the band by saying that he didn’t want to remain separate from music anymore.

In March, Brian Welch appeared as a guest on No Fucking Regrest with Robb Flynn and talked about his relationship with religion. Welch stated that his faith positively affected his life but he also admitted going too far with it. He compared his fanatic religious statements with his obsession with drugs and implied that religion also became like an obsession to him.

After what Welch said, there was news on the media questioning whether his stance on Christianity has changed or not. In his recent YouTube video, Brian Welch wanted to respond to these claims and stated that he still keeps his faith in Christianity.

He explained that when he thought about his early days with Christianity, he was a little bit confused as he had stopped taking drugs and faced a new experience at the time. Later on, his stance on Christianity started to calm down over time.

Brian Welch’s response to the claims on his faith follows:

“The Christian news media and other web sites and stuff, especially the Christian side, there’s been a lot of stories about Christian musicians renouncing their faith. So it’s really good for clickbait. A lot of these media outlets took it and listened to it and thought that I was renouncing it. So it was definitely taken out of context. 

When I first became a Christian, I was coming off of methamphetamines, first of all, and I had a massively powerful encounter where God was revealing himself to me. And so those two sides of the coin — coming off of meth and a powerful encounter — I didn’t know how to react and I just went out and I was overzealous, I was obnoxious with my faith, and it took me a while to bring it down. So that’s all I was trying to say in that video, in that podcast with Robb Flynn.”

He continued by saying:

“I still share my faith, my personal stories of things that I go through in a non-religious way, I feel like. I try to be very spiritual, but non… Like, ‘This is this, this is how it’s helped me, da da da.’ My manager hit me up and he’s, like, ‘Hey, I think you should address this because I think people are really starting to believe that you renounced it.’ And I was, like, ‘All right. All right. I’ll post about it.’

But that kind of stuff doesn’t get to me at all anymore. It’s just, like, whatever. People can twist your words however they want. I have an amazing relationship with God and I know where that stands. So I’m very confident in that, so I don’t gotta really worry about it for temporary controversy.”

You can watch Brian Welch’s YouTube video below.