Korn’s guitarist and Love and Death’s founder, Brian Welch, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and cleared the air about his feelings towards Red Hot Chili Peppers while admitting that they really expanded everybody’s minds considering the ways in which genres can be combined.

As you may recall, Brian ‘The Head’ Welch founded the Christian metal band Love and Death in 2012. The band released their second album ‘Perfectly Preserved’ on February 12, and it soon achieved great success. In fact, Brian Welch had expressed his gratitude toward his fans who made it possible for the album to achieve such mainstream success.

With a recently released album, Brian Welch has been the guest of numerous radio and podcast shows, and as it turns out, some of the things that he said in one of them, were slightly misunderstood. Thus, Brian Welch decided to share a post to clear out the air and revealed some unknown facts about his view of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Just like most of us, when Brian Welch was 18 years old, he still had some traces of his angsty teenage years and during that time, it was difficult for him to approach things with an open mind. Thus, he wasnt content with Anthony Kiedis‘s performance just because he couldn’t hit as high notes as Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale, or Vince Neil.

However, he eventually loved RHCP but it was not until they released ‘Mothers Milk‘ in 1989. Brian Welch loved this album so much that he listened to it eight hours a day ‘while testing effects processors at Alesis.’ He went on to say that RHCP were icons because they managed to demonstrate the ‘possibilities of combining genres’ and admitted that they also influenced Korn back in the day.

Here’s what Brian Welch said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Wow, gotta love what journalists will do for clickbait. For the record:

1) this interview narrative was 18 years old ‘Whitesnake’ loving metalhead Brian Welch; close-minded and disgusted that Anthony couldn’t hit high notes like Dio, WS, Crüe, etc. 😂

2) I was late to the party, I fell in love with the RHCP ‘Mothers Milk’ album and listened to it 8 hours a day while testing effects processors at Alesis: FACTS!

3) Obviously RHCP are ICONS and completely expanded everyone’s minds about the possibilities of combining genres etc.

4) RHCP definitely influenced Korn back in the day and I have nothing but respect for Antwon, the lead Chili Pepper, for staying true to his art and his incredibly unique style that influenced an entire generation.”

Click here to check out the photo that Brian Welch posted on his Instagram account.