Korn guitarist Brian Welch posted a video on his Instagram in which he claimed becoming a born-again Christian has made him a better musician.

Korn guitarist and founding member Brian Welch is known as a devoted Christian. In 2005, he even left Korn to focus on his personal life after becoming a born-again Christian. In that period of his life, he got clean of his addictions and released a Christian album titled ‘Save Me From Myself’ in 2008.

On February 22, 2005, Korn announced Welch’s departure, stating he had chosen Jesus Christ as his savior and decided to dedicate his life and work to him. Welch then got baptized and clean from drugs by meditating in his bed for hours. Up until that moment, the guitarist was addicted to alcohol and several other substances.

Following his conversion to Christianity, Welch did several charity works by going to the poverty-stricken areas of India and building orphanages there. On May 5, 2012, he joined Korn on stage at the Carolina Rebellion after seven years and officially rejoined the band on May 2, 2013.

In his recent Instagram post, Brian Welch posted a video of himself talking about what being a devoted Christian helped him become. He stated that he remembers everything as if it happened today and said everything gets better when one gets a word from Christ.

After that, Welch said he is going on his 17th year, and he has become a better father, musician, businessman, son, and friend. The guitarist then added that this is available for everyone as God calls everyone his children.

This is what Brian Welch stated in the video he posted on his Instagram:

“It’s just like today. If we get a word from Christ through the scripture, through a meditation or whatever it comes with power, to shift our consciousness, everything gets better you guys. Everything gets better.

I’m going on my 17th year. I’m a better father, a better musician, a better businessman, a better son, and a friend. I mean, you could name anything. I’m better at it.

So, that’s what they call fruit. My fruit has grown, and it’s available for everybody. God calls all the whole world his children.”

Although Brian Welch was overly religious when he first became a born-again Christian, he can now focus on making music with Korn. The guitarist continues to encourage his fans to follow Christian principles in his social media posts but also stresses the subjectivity of religious beliefs.