Korn guitarist Brian Welch gave a recent interview to GQ in which he described Linkin Park as a vulnerable and emotional band.

Formed in 1993, Korn is one of the best representatives of the nu-metal genre. Besides, they have also shed light on personal issues like mental health, pain, alienation in society, and self-worth. Although these are rather sensitive subjects, Korn successfully carries these elements in their music in a relatable way.

Apart from Korn, Linkin Park is also among the most prominent music acts in the music industry. They have experimented with various genres throughout their career and touched upon the same subjects as Korn in their lyrics. So, both Korn and Linkin Park’s music aims to support those who struggle with these issues.

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis claimed that the band’s music is portrayed as a bad influence in the mainstream media, although they try to voice people’s struggles with mental health issues. The case is the same for Linkin Park, considering the characteristics of their music and lyrics.

In the interview by GQ, Korn’s Brian Welch also talked about this aspect of their music and said a thing or two about the other bands. He stated that bands like Limp Bizkit are more like party bands while Linkin Park’s music is more emotional and vulnerable. Following that, he said Korn is more about mental health and resolving unresolved issues through their music.

During the interview with GQ, Brian Welch stated:

“If you think of bands like Limp Bizkit, they’re more of a party band. Linkin Park was more emotional and vulnerable. Korn was more about mental health and the pain of going through things and unresolved issues. Unresolved issues and resolving them through the music.”

Like the other albums from their discography, Korn’s 14th studio album ‘Requiem’ also explores the same issues. The album will be released in February, and new songs like ‘Let The Dark Do The Rest’ and ‘Start The Healing’ will deal with the classic Korn themes.