Korn guitarist Brian Welch has posted a funny meme on his official Instagram account which is about coronavirus and progressive metal band Tool. The meme is establishing a connection between Tool’s long songs and coronavirus in a really funny way.

As we all know, the world is alarmed because of the deadly disease called ‘coronavirus’ and medical doctors are paying attention to the importance of ‘washing hands’ for protection from that virus.

If you look at the photo, the meme is mentioning how we can protect from coronavirus with a joke on Tool reference. Here’s the text on the meme:

“When the CDC recommends washing your hands for the length of a song, but you only listen to Tool…”

A fan named Colton left a funny comment in the comment section of the post and said:

7empest killed all feeling in my hands”

Another fan said:

“I saw this meme earlier today, and it still cracks me up”

You can see the original Instagram post of Brian Head Welch below.

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