The lead guitarist of Korn, Brian Welch, has shared an unusual video of himself with his beloved daughter, Jennea Welch, via his official Instagram account.

Today may be an important day for Brian Welch and his fans because apparently, he joined the worldwide community of TikTok. Brian has posted his first TikTok video on Instagram and also, his daughter was accompanying him in this video.

The duo was doing one of the interesting TikTok dances and looking very bizarre. He stated that this video may be the last TikTok video of him.

Here’s what he captioned:

“My first @tiktok video… and probably my last.
#awkwarddad @jenneawelch”

A fan named Andrew Friesen commented:

“I’m in a few of my daughter’s TikTok videos…I’m an #awkwarddad too 😂”

Another fan named Gavin Riegel wrote a comment and asked:

“How are you so famous yet still that awkward dad? 😂”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.