Korn’s guitarist Brian Welch posted a photo on his Instagram account and shared the new single from Love and Death named ‘Down.’ Also, the rumor that their soon-to-be-released album has a song by Justin Bieber in it, seems to have been clarified.

As you may know, Love and Death, the Christian metal band founded by Brian ‘The Head’ Welch, will be releasing their album named ‘Perfectly Preserved‘ in 2021. The long-awaited album was rumored to have a Bieber song in it, which increased the curiosity of the fans even more.

Yesterday, Brian Welch announced the release of their single ‘Down‘ which is the third track of the ‘Perfectly Preserved’ album’s tracklist. The single has already been appreciated by thousands of fans, and with the release of such a good piece of music, the curiosity towards the album has increased even more.

The rumors of a Justin Bieber song being in Love and Death’s new album were confirmed when the band released the tracklist of ‘Perfectly Preserved.’ The 4th track of the new album is called ‘Let Me Love You (ft. Lacey Sturm)’ and it seems to be the cover of one of Justin Bieber’s most popular songs.

Fans are currently slightly surprised but also excited about how Justin Bieber’s song will be transformed into a metal song. It said that the new album will be released in January 2021, so there are only a couple of months left to find out.

Here’s what Brian Welch said in the caption of his Instagram post:

New single Down‘ available everywhere digitally now! Link in bio. Love and Death.”

You can check out the photo that Brian ‘The Head’ Welch posted on his Instagram account and listen to their new single called ‘Down’ below.