Photo Credit: Tattoo Interview

Guitarist and co-founder of Korn, Brian Welch, has shared a stunning screenshot on his official Instagram account and made a short statement about one of his fake social media accounts called ‘brianheadwelch.44.’

In the caption of this post, Brian Welch has asked a question to learn the owner of this Instagram account and mocked him by saying he can send money to him.

This Instagram post reached more than 5.5k likes and his followers started to search for finding who is it but they have not found yet.

Here’s what Brian said:

“Another fake account, does anyone know this guy? I’ll send him money if he’s that desperate 😂”

Guitarist and his close friend, Noah Henson explained the truth:

“It’s me, Brian!! I’m the one. Send me money!! 😁”

Another friend of him, Anthony Armstrong mocked:

“Okay, I’ll stop.”

Brian Welch replied:


You can see the Instagram post of him right below.