Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently gave an interview to Revolver in which he commented on Phil Anselmo‘s vocal style, which he considered brutal.

On February 25, 1992, Pantera released their ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’ album. The band tried to achieve a heavier sound and vocals in this album. Besides, the album became one of the classic records of Pantera, which brought them enormous commercial success and critical acclaim.

When he first got interested in music, Jonathan Davis was inspired by Pantera, especially their album ‘Vulgar Display Of Power.’ After listening to the record, Davis became impressed with its heavy sound and decided that he wanted to make heavy music like Pantera.

In a recent interview with Revolver, Jonathan Davis revealed what he likes about Pantera. He stated that their guitar tone, Vinnie Paul’s drums, and Phil Anselmo’s brutal vocals were the things that made him an avid Pantera fan. He then added that Anselmo’s vocals were quite emotional in the album.

Davis then recalled the time he saw Pantera live before the formation of Korn. He recalled that Fieldy cried upon seeing them perform, and he got goosebumps all over his body. Moreover, the Korn frontman added that he respected Pantera’s work, but Korn didn’t bite anything from them.

In the interview with Revolver, Jonathan Davis said the following about Pantera and Phil Anselmo’s vocals:

“I think it was their guitar tone and the crazy clicky kick drums of Vinnie. Phil’s vocals were just so brutal, just f*cking emotional, screaming. And he was just this badass. I remember I saw them live before we were signed.

Fieldy took me to Irvine Meadows, and the first song Pantera came out, and I looked over, and he was f*cking crying. He was just like, ‘That is the baddest shit I ever saw!’ And I had just goosebumps all over my body. I was like, Holy shit, this is so badass.”

He then continued:

I don’t think we bit anything from them. It was nothing like that. I respected what they did. It was so good. Same with Sepultura. Those bands hit me in the f*cking chest.

And then there was shit like Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, and all the music at that time — House of Pain. Cypress Hill was probably the biggest influence. It was just this melting pot that inspired us to do this different music.”

Apart from Pantera, Jonathan Davis also mentioned bands such as Sepultura, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, and House Of Pain. Thanks to these bands, especially Cypress Hill, Davis got interested in metal music and formed Korn.