Korn frontman Jonathan Davis refuses to cancel the future Korn shows even though he is still suffering from the after-effects of COVID-19.

As you may know, Korn decided to embark on a tour after a long break. The tour kicked off on August 5 in Florida and had 45 more concerts remaining when the band announced its postponement. As Korn announced, they canceled the remaining shows due to a confirmed coronavirus case in the Korn camp.

At first, they didn’t reveal who got the virus, but later it turned out to be Jonathan Davis. Korn later announced that they will reschedule the upcoming shows to future dates, and Davis has been resting and recovering. The band’s guitarist Brian Welch also updated the fans recently on Davis’ health status. He claimed that the musician is getting better, but he is still struggling with the after-effects of COVID.

As it appears, Jonathan Davis does not want to leave the stage even though he is still not well enough to perform. Last week, on August 27, he returned to the stage for a performance at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. During Korn’s performance, Davis sat on a throne for most of the time. Despite having trouble breathing, he even played bagpipes in the show.

According to TMZ, Davis told the audience that he feels weak, but he is refusing to fucking cancel the show. The audience was also aware of Davis’ struggles as he took several breaks to breathe oxygen through a mask.

As reported by TMZ, Jonathan Davis said during the concert that:

“I’m fucking feeling very weak, but I fucking refuse to fucking cancel!”

You can watch a part of Korn’s performance during their last concert below.