The frontman of the nu-metal band Korn, Jonathan Davis has revealed that he had lots of near-death experiences while talking about his critical health issue, asthma, saying he got an oxygen tank because of that illness.

The iconic singer Davis, who is also known as JDevil, has made a conversation on Steve-O’s Wild Ride in the past days. As you may recall, Jonathan Davis has admitted that he started doing autopsies when he was 17 during the same interview.

As well as mentioning his youth, the times before he became the frontman of Korn, Davis spoke of his health problems, especially his asthma, which started when he was 3 years old. He unclosed that he was taking drugs around being four-five-six years old that would help him breathe.

Jonathan Davis remembered one of his traumatic experiences when the nurses stuck a needle in his leg right next to his nuts and pull blood from his femoral artery, so they could tell how much oxygen was in his blood.

Luckily has grown out of the sickness over the years, he said that he is still on meds, but at least, he can breathe now. Davis admitted that he has a big oxygen tank on stage he hits all the time and gets high off oxygen.

Here is what Jonathan Davis said about his asthma:

Horrible asthma started when I was three years old, so around being four-five-six years old, that was like the drug they gave me, and the only thing to open up your airwaves is, like, epinephrine and stuff like that.

So, it was drugs like that that would help me breathe. That time sucked; I remember it, I had to get blood gases – you know the little thing the put on your finger when you go in? They check how much oxygen you have…?

Well, back in the ’70s, they didn’t have that shit, so what they did when I was a little kid, they’d stick a needle in your fucking leg right next to your nuts and pull blood from your femoral artery, so they can tell how much oxygen was in your blood.

So that was traumatic; now they do them in your wrists when you’re older, but it was fucked – that’s a bad time, I was sick a lot.”

When he was asked if the asthma went away he said:

“Yeah, I mean, I grew out of it. I still have it, I’m on meds for it still, but it’s not like it was. I can breathe, it’s fine.

I have a big oxygen tank on stage I hit all the time – that gets me going, I get high off oxygen, it’s really cool.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.