In an interview with Steve-O’s Wild Ride, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis talked about his struggle with asthma since his childhood and about the time he was almost dying due to a severe asthma attack.

The lead singer and co-founder of Korn, Jonathan Davis joined a conversation with Steve-O’s Wild Ride and revealed the disease he had been struggling with. Apparently, Davis was having asthma attacks since he was only three years old.

During the interview, Jonathan Davis shared the details of his struggle with asthma in the very first years of his diagnosis and mentioned how terrible the treatment approaches were back in the 1970s.

Here’s how Davis described his terrifying experiences at the hospitals during his treatments:

“Horrible asthma started when I was three years old, so around being four-five-six years old, that was like the drug they gave me, and the only thing to open up your airwaves is, like, epinephrine and stuff like that.

So, it was drugs like that would help me breathe. That time sucked; I remember it, I had to get blood gases – you know the little thing the put on your finger when you go in? They check how much oxygen you have…?

Well, back in the ’70s, they didn’t have that shit, so what they did when I was a little kid, they’d stick a needle in your fucking leg right next to your nuts and pull blood from your femoral artery, so they can tell how much oxygen was in your blood.

So that was traumatic; now they do them in your wrists when you’re older, but it was fucked – that’s a bad time, I was sick a lot.”

Furthermore, Jonathan also shared a rarely known story of his near-death experience caused by chronic asthma attacks and stated:

“I got close to it. I’ve had a lot of near-death experiences… I had asthma so bad, they’d sit me and they’d just tell my parents, ‘If we get him through the night, he has a chance.‘ A lot of stuff like that.

I grew up in fucking tents, they would stick you a tent over your bed and you’d lay there and they gave you this fucking horrible drug called Quibron, which is like cocaine and alcohol.”

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