Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has posted the cover art of the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Issues’, and celebrated the 20th anniversary of that album.

Korn’s Issues album was released in November 1999 and sold at least 3,047,076 copies in the United States.

While celebrating the anniversary of that album, Jonathan Davis has mentioned about the anxiety disease he faced those days. Here’s what he said:

“Happy 20th to this record where I fought to stay sober and deal with my anxiety.”

A fan named Marissa has shared photos of a Korn t-shirt and said:

“So glad you made it through all that. Yay you! Anxiety is the worst!!! First time seeing #korn live. KeyArena Seattle. I was 21 years old. I Still have my Issues tour shirt! 20 years later I was at The Nothing album release event. All pretty surreal 🖤”

Another fan named Emily said:

“This album has been comforting to me as I’m currently struggling with serious and declining health. I don’t always express my issues to people, so I turn to your music to escape the madness of the world for a while. Thank you 🤘🏼❤”

You can reach the tweet of Davis below.