Korn’s vocalist Jonathan Davis considered the heavy metal world in an interview with Sixx Sense. He said the legend and oldest heavy metal bands starting to retire. His opinion, Korn will carry the heavy metal flag in the future.

He said:

“That’s because a lot of the bands that are at our caliber of musicianship are dying. There’s not that many of us left. I’m just saying the way things are done now just isn’t there. So all of us have this camaraderie going on. We’re the last guard. We’ve gotta stick together.”

Korn’s latest album “The Serenity Of Suffering” was released on October 21. He also mention about the meaning behind “The Serenity Of Suffering” album title. He said:

“It comes back to my experiences throughout my life dealing with depression and the bad things that happen in life. It seems like that place is very familiar with me. I’m more comfortable in that space than when I’m happy. Let’s say I’m happy all the time, but when I’m dealing with my art and my music, I deal with the bad things; I’m just like everybody else.

We have good things and bad things. When I’m writing, I concentrate on the bad things. It just seemed to fit. I was going through some stuff when writing this record, and the title popped in my head. Usually Munky takes care of all that. Munky comes up with amazing titles, but this time, I came up with this and it just fit. This is what it means. People who deal with depression can understand what I’m talking about.”