Korn guitarist James Shaffer, also known by his stage name ‘Munky,’ shared a post on his official Instagram page celebrating the ninth anniversary of their marriage with his wife actress Evis Xheneti.

As you may know, James Shaffer and Evis Xheneti have been dating for 6 years since 2005, and after 7 months of engagement, the lovely couple married on January 2, 2012, and have three children named D’ Angelo DraXon, Rocky Rebel, and Heart Hera.

For their wedding anniversary, James Shaffer shared a picture from their wedding on his official Instagram page and penned an emotional message to his wife Evis stating that throughout their nine years of marriage, there has not been a boring moment in their lives.

In addition to this, James Shaffer expressed his gratitude for having a family, their beautiful children, their love, and especially their health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is what Shaffer said:

“Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! Evis Xheneti I love you with all my heart, forever! In 9 years, there’s never been a boring moment.

Our love, family, our beautiful children, and our health! we have so much to be grateful for Zebra. January 2, 2012.”

You can see the Instagram post below.