During a recent conversation with ‘V100,’ Korn guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer has shared his thoughts about Tool’s famous mobile phone ban during the shows.

In 2018, Tool announced that they banned smartphones and cameras during their live concerts. But in some shows, Maynard did allow fans to record videos and photos, but only while the band performed the last two songs of their show.

Munky supported the Tool’s mobile phone and camera ban by saying this idea was great. 

Here’s what Munky stated:

“For people that can’t come to shows – if you’re in a little house and you live in India, and you can’t come to see Korn because you don’t have the money or the resources – I think it’s great.

For me, a music fan, if I know I’m going to go to a show, I will not watch a band [online beforehand].”

He continued:

“It’s tempting, but I’ll be like, ‘Ah, no – I don’t want to know the songs; I don’t want to know the setlist; I don’t want to know what it looks like.’ You’ve got to use some self-control.”

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