During a recent conversation with Chaoszine, Korn’s James Shaffer, also known as Munky, gave an insight into his mood during the pandemic and stated that his bandmate Jonathan Davis was quite anxious about contracting COVID-19.

Korn has dealt with several coronavirus cases since the last summer. In August, Jonathan Davis tested positive, and the band had to reschedule some of their shows and cancel a few. David has gone through some health problems due to the after-effects of COVID, although he was fully vaccinated. He was feeling pretty weak, but now he started to feel better.

After Jonathan Davis, Munky also tested positive for COVID, and he couldn’t continue his shows with Korn. Munky was quickly replaced by Love and Death’s J.R. Bareis for the upcoming shows. He stayed out of five shows but rejoined the band on September 18. Korn’s Ray Luzier is the third Korn member who contracted COVID, which is unfortunate for the band. He missed the band’s three shows and was temporarily replaced by Fever 333’s Aric Improta.

James ‘Munky’ Shaffer reflected during the conversation that when the pandemic first broke out, he was quite worried about the future. Munky also revealed his bandmate Jonathan Davis’ anxiety during the tour and explained that Davis had been very careful not to contract the virus. Davis avoided approaching anyone, but he got it anyway.

Munky’s words on Jonathan Davis’ mood during the tour:

“When the tour started, Jonathan was so worried about getting it. He was so fucking freaked out. He wouldn’t leave his bus. He wouldn’t leave his hotel. The only time we saw him was when he was out on the stage. ‘Hey, man. Good to see you,’ rocking out. At the end of the show, bam — back to his bus.

It was kind of funny; there was something quite funny about it. But then he still managed to get it. But then I’m thinking, like, well, we’re up on stage. There are thousands of people screaming at us with their germs and air. And, of course. I’m surprised that everybody didn’t get it.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.