As you know, Korn’s original bass player Fieldy could not attend the Latin America tour of Korn due to unexpected reasons. Instead of him, Metallica’s bass guitarist Rob Trujillo’s 12-year-old son Tye Trujillo played bass guitar at Korn’s South America Tour.

Speaking in an interview by 93.5 The Beach, Fieldy explained his thoughts about Tye Trujillo. He said:

“They went to South America without me. They did seven shows down there. Tye Trujillo filled in for me.

12 years old, and he killed it… they told me he just nailed it. A living little rock star right there.

I didn’t need to give him any pointers. His dad, Robert from Metallica, was with him right there coaching him along. He went on tour with him. So it was amazing.

You can watch the entire interview from here. If you want to watch Tye’s debut performance with Korn, click here.