Korn drummer Ray Luzier recently joined an interview with MoreCore and compared working with the bassist Fieldy and his replacement in 2021, Roberto Ra Diaz.

Fieldy has been a part of Korn since the beginning of the band’s career as a successful bassist. He was on the bass for the group’s all successful works like ‘Follow the Leader’ and ‘Untouchables.’

However, Korn announced in 2021 that Fieldy would not appear on the upcoming summer tour that year. The bassist would take a hiatus because of several personal issues. Suicidal Tendencies’ Roberto Ra Diaz was introduced as the new touring bassist replacing Fieldy in the same period.

When the vocalist Jonathan Davis talked about Fieldy’s hiatus in a previous interview, he explained how they were sensitive to group members’ needs. The break was an incident they accepted understandingly.

Recently, the drummer Ray Luzier compared working with the original bassist Fieldy and Suicidal Tendencies’ Roberto Ra Diaz as a replacement during an interview. Luzier stated that Fieldy was like a brother they supported on every occasion. The drummer mentioned that the future seemed uncertain, but they missed Fieldy.

Ray Luzier said about Fieldy:

“He’s doing good. He’s our brother. We love him. We support him 110 percent. Bands are like marriages. Sometimes you need to step away a little bit to look at the picture and see what’s going on with your individual life, and I think that’s where we’re all at now with Reggie. He’s such a great dude, and he’s one of my best buds, so we support him in everything he does. No one has a crystal ball. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but we definitely miss him out here.”

Then, Luzier continued talking about Roberto Ra Diaz joining the band to replace Fieldy. According to him, their new member was doing an excellent job, but they felt Fieldy’s absence. As an original bassist, Fieldy reflected the group’s style more, as the drummer said.

Comparing Roberto Ra Diaz and Fieldy, the drummer said:

“Roberto Ra Diaz is doing a great job. He’s doing a hell of a job. But there’s a sound about Fieldy that is Korn. There’s that signature thing that not many bass players can say. Just that sound, you pop a Korn album on, and you’re, like, ‘Woah.’ That bass, you take that out, and it wouldn’t sound normal because Munky and Head don’t sound normal, and neither does Jon. But that bass, man, it’s just leading a lot of those older records.”

After Fieldy took a hiatus from Korn for personal reasons, the group continued with Roberto Ra Diaz as the bassist. Though Ra Diaz was great in the band, they longed for the group’s special bond with their original bassist. As of now, Fieldy’s status about whether he’ll return to them is uncertain.