Kreator released their new album “Gods of Violence”. The album reached high sales figures in many countries, especially in Germany.

Vocalist Mille Petrozza explained his thoughts on violent and war. Speaking in an interview with Full Metal Jackie, he said:

It’s human characteristics. In the Greek mythology, there was a God for every human characteristic.

Nowadays, since we’re living in very chaotic times with terror attacks all over Europe and a lot of turmoil, political right-wing movements, all this negative energy, I figured that… I was reflecting about the situation that we live in in this day and age, and I came to the conclusion that there was never a time when there was world peace.

So going way back to the Greek mythology, the link, to me, to what’s happening nowadays is – I guess it’s in the human DNA to go to war, be violent… There’s something that just doesn’t work, living in peace globally.

Peace on earth is a nice utopia, but it was never there and it never happened, and it probably never will, so we have to kind of deal with it.”