We love the Kreator frontman Mille with a lot of songs he writes about war and death. What are Mille’s thoughts about terrorist attacks that have been taking place all over the world in the last period?

Mille interviewed by Duke TV, and talked about terrorist attacks. He said:

“The way terrorism works nowadays, as we saw in the [case of the] Bataclan [terror attack in 2015], it’s random. It got to every… It got into the subcultural world, where it shouldn’t be, because these people are not even terrorists, in my opinion; those people are just crazy.

So you never know what’s gonna happen next, but I think we should not be afraid of anyone — neither of terrorists, nor of what’s gonna happen in the world of politics. We should enjoy life while we have it. And that’s the message, if there is any, of the album.

Kreator’s new album “Gods Of Violence” will be released on January 27 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Here is the interview: