During the recent interview with The Metal Voice, Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof has revealed his thoughts on current music world. He said that “I really like the new music business”.

He mentioned about the band’s debts for their first few albums. He also said that if you want to make money from music, you should be like Metallica. Here’s the statement:

“After certain amount of time on a major label like Electra you find out how the business works, which in our particular case it was not working in our favour, you learn the definition of the word recoup.

And then you realize there is no way you can make any money unless you break big like Metallica but until then you are operating in Debt and you will never break out. Everybody gets paid first and the band gets paid last. I have the publishing which are not much money but no other royalties.

We are still in debt on the first few albums. Not only that but it’s tough to find out how much debt or profit after all these years. They send statements that you can’t read unless you are a lawyer, so I just wrote it off.

Your in debt for tour support, your in debt for videos, your in debt for everything and those are the reasons why I really like the new music business, there is more good about the new music business than there is bad. It’s more direct artists to fans and us old guys can still have a career.”

He also revealed the truth about the rumors ‘Lars Ulrich joined Metal Church in 1981″. He said:

We actually never played together, that was one of the rumours that started sometime ago that he was one of our drummers but that was never true.

I was living in San Francisco  trying to start the band and I ended up meeting him and he had just come over from Denmark and he was planing to go to LA. All we ended up doing was party and hang out and just talk about being in a band. But we were friends before he got to L.A.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.