The daughter of the Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain has shared the adorable pictures of herself taken with her cat Elvira on Instagram and celebrated the 6th adoption anniversary of her.

The beautiful daughter of the iconic musician Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean has been an active user of social media platforms for a while now. In addition to the lovely photos she took of herself or nature, she also took Instagram to raise awareness for the ones in need.

As you may remember, Frances Bean Cobain asked for help for her friend Nikia’s father, who has been battling against cancer, last month. She stated that Nikia’s father Larry has been struggling from stage 4 bladder cancer and left the donation link in her stories for her followers who may contribute.

Lately, Frances has shared a post to celebrate something amazing and important for her. She revealed that it has been 6 years since she first adopted her calico cat, that she calls Elvira Mistress of the Litter Box. Cobain said that she loves Elvira more than buttered toast and asked her followers to adopt instead of buying.

Here is what Frances Bean Cobain said in her latest Instagram post:

“A very merry 6th adoption anniversary to my sweet calico chirping girl, Elvira Mistress of the Litter Box. I love her more than buttered toast. 🍞 Adopt, don’t shop. 🧡”

You can see the post below.