Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain‘s daughter Frances Bean Cobain revealed the one thing she wanted for her birthday on her Instagram account which was the ‘competent’ candidates to be ‘voted into the office.’

The only child of Nirvana’s late icon Kurt Cobain and Hole’s frontwoman Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain followed the footsteps of her parents and became a musician and model. She also controls the publicity rights to Kurt Cobain’s name and image.

Recently on Instagram, Frances Bean Cobain shared a post from ‘I am a Voter‘ account reminding the date, August 18, 2020, on which Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming would be holding statewide primaries. Cobain stated her birthday was on the same day and revealed the only thing she wanted as a present.

Apparently, for her 27th birthday, Frances solely wanted the ‘competent elected officials getting voted into office.’ She referred to this gift as the only thing her heart desires. Moreover, Cobain mentioned her heart also desired tiramisu for her birthday, however, she added her first wish was more important.

Here’s what Frances Bean Cobain stated on her recent post:

“All I want for my birthday this year is the gift of competent elected officials getting voted into office, it’s the only thing my heart desires. My heart also desires tiramisu, but that’s beside the point.”

You can see the photo Frances Bean Cobain posted via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Frances Bean Cobain – Instagram