Late Nirvana star Kurt Cobain and former Hole musician Courtney Love’s daughter, also an indie-folk musician, Frances-Bean Cobain, has posted a bunch of new posts on her Instagram Stories and displayed her latest tattoo to her followers.

While Frances was working with an iconic tattoo artist Doctor Woo in the past, this time, she has chosen to work with another tattoo artist. Frances has gone to the tattoo studio to remove the star she did on herself when she was 15 and instead of it, she got her 12th tattoo of this year.

While sharing the latest status of her tattoos, Frances-Bean also did not forget to give credit to the tattoo artist named Trudy Lines who is working with Frances for a while. Trudy was born and raised in Australia and she’s one of the most famous and talented tattoo artists of New York for many years.

Here is what Frances wrote on the posts she has shared:

“12th tattoo of 2020. Trudy Lines is a boss angel. Thank you, lady.

After Trudy Lines Tattoo… Goodbye, shitty Crayola looking star I did on myself when I was 15. You will not be missed.”

Later on, she posted one last photo with her cute dog and wrote this:

Tim Approves… We think haha!”

You can watch the merged version of her posts below.