In a recent interview with Rolling Stones, former vocalist of Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan opened up about his past struggles and revealed how Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love helped him out.

Mark Lanegan shared the details of his new memoir titled ‘Sing Backwards and Weep: A Memoir‘ in an interview with Rolling Stones. In the interview, Mark also talked about his relationship with Kurt Cobain and how he was affected by Kurt’s devastating death.

“Kurt’s death just made me go deeper into just wanting to fucking disappear and forget that I had had what started as this really pure relationship of mutual admiration with Kurt for each other’s music, which we had for years.”

In his memoir, Mark revealed the details of his relationship with Courtney Love and how she was directly connected to the turning point of his life.

“She was directly involved in saving my life. I had to write about that.

Sometime after his death, I remember going into a pawn shop one day, and my friend who ran the place said, ‘Courtney Love came in here the other day with material about some rehab.’ And my immediate response was, ‘Tell her to shove her fuckin’ rehab’.”

Courtney was trying to convince Mark to check-in rehab and later he was going to change his mind about it.

“I didn’t have anywhere else to go, and I went back into the pawnshop months after the first time and said, ‘Do you still have that thing that Courtney brought in here for me?’ I needed to get out of town.

The literature she had left for me at the pawnshop was about an organization called M.A.P., the Musicians’ Assistance Program, which was set up by this jazz-saxophone player named Buddy Arnold to help people who didn’t have money and had worked in music to get clean.”

Additionally, Mark stated that Courtney Love continued helping him financially and morally to get back on his feet after he went to rehab.

“They paid for my rehab. But I realized I needed a lot more than just that, and Courtney ended up paying for my rent there for months. I was also unemployable and a mess physically after all the years of doing damage to myself. I remember waking up in rehab and the room was filled with bags of new clothes that she had sent in.”

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