Speaking to RuPaul from What’s The Tee? podcast, daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain mentioned about her ex-husband Isaiah Silva.

She has shared the story behind why she waited 5 years to get married with Isaiah. RuPaul asked ‘Why did you get married so early?’, Frances responded:

“I got married because I met a guy when I was seventeen and newly emancipated from my mother who gave me a sense of stability, normalcy…

RuPaul said ‘The marriage did, right?’, Frances replied:

“The marriage did, well, the idea of marriage. The idea of securing a family very early on was the complete opposite of what my mom did. My mom got married when she was twenty-nine and had a baby when she was thirty. While that isn’t particularly old but for me, after she only had a family life for around two years and never remarried or anything so I wasn’t provided with any kind of stability.

So I met this guy that presented himself to be stable and normal and that mutated later on but that’s OK because as people change in time that’s OK too. I was grasping for some kind of stability anywhere. This is all public knowledge but I just had emancipated myself from my mom who was on one…”

She continued:

“Actually, I got engaged a year after I met him and we didn’t get married for like, five to six years. At the point where we got married it was less about wanting to get married and more about the fact that we’ve been engaged for so long, this is what we should do.”

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